Discount for even cheaper cigarettes for regular customers or bulk orders.

OzRollies hasn't been operating for very long, only a few short months. Since then we have had hundreds of orders and a lot of regular customers who continue to return and re-order. We would like to extend a deal to all our regular customers who repeat purchases. If you're happy...

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Cheap cigarettes in Australia are harder and harder to provide. Following substantial tax increases over the past 10 years with no end in sight. We explain how the current market affects our ability to provide you with cheap cigarettes and how we will maintain our prices.

Australia as a whole has the most expensive cigarettes in the world and as of September 2020; Australians are expected to pay upwards of $45 for a packet of 25 cigarettes. For a pack-a-day smoker the math adds upto $315 a week which is far too much for the average...

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